(in Indian religion) the eternal law of the cosmos, inherent in the very nature of things.



“Born under the strawberry full moon, on the day of summer solstice.

That is meant to be lucky. And it seems so. My life has been woven by hands of beauty; Sunsets and sunrises. Poetry and words. Tears and rain. Ceremony and prayer. I grew up on an island surrounded by fruit trees, forests and the ocean. As I child, I would pretend this land was my kingdom, and I spent most of my time up until the year I turned seventeen on the back of my white horse.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius. Air and Fire elements. I suppose that explains why I’ve never lacked emotions. Passion and devotion. Motion and fluidity. Blooming and wilting.

Wandering. Staying still. And wandering again.

Reminding myself to slow down more these days. To find joy and pleasure in all the little moments.

It’s a gift to grow older. With each year I find that I am able to trust more deeply. Surrender more wholeheartedly. I am evolving and growing into the person I was always meant to become.

The person I wish to be.

I feel full of love and light.

I really love being a woman in this time and age. Opening myself up the gifts of the fluid feminine state of creating creatively. Birthing more beauty into this world through words, honest conversations and heartfelt connections.

Being a woman to me is honouring my need to be still, soft and making room for silence. To be nurturing and caring. But also to know that I do not have to be proper, or busy, or “nice” to feel valued or to be seen. But that I can be wild, passionate and powerful.

To know I am one with the Earth.

This is what makes me a woman.

I’m hopeful for the future and for the days to come.

Excited to grow older and wiser with each day. And also getting wilder and stronger and more boisterous with each year around the sun.

My heart has never felt more open.”


My journey into health and wellness began at a young age. As a competitive horse rider from the age of 12 I understood the importance of a well-functioning body and healthy mind for optimal performance from early on. When I was 15 I got into running, and at the age of 16 I was running half-marathons several times a month. At that time I was attending school, still competing in horseback riding and running close to 7 days a week. Not surprisingly, this lead to a day-to-day life where stress was present a lot of the time- but me not so much. During the spring of 2014 I attended my first yoga class, more by accident than by design really. After a few classes I became infatuated with the practice and began so develop a more consistent practice. Though yoga started out as another way to keep myself fit and flexible, it soon became something much deeper. In yoga I found back to my breath and how to breathe properly; I found stillness and time to be quiet; and I began to create a space in which I came to meet myself again and again.

In 2017 I completed my first teacher training at Byron Yoga Centre in August 2017. Today I have 800 hours of total teacher training, certified yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance (500 RYT). After years of practicing very dynamic styles of yoga; ashtanga, vinyasa and hatha yoga, I have completely changed my approach to yoga. Over the course of the last year I’ve been diving deeper into softer and more feminine styles of yoga, which in turn has taught me even more about the power of truly respecting my own body and its needs, as well as my personal need to be more still and the wisdom that follows deep listening. At the moment I teach primarily yin- and restorative yoga, and I am extremely passionate about yoga for women, women’s health and how to practice, and live(!), in tune with our menstrual cycle.

“I look upon yoga as something way greater than just a physical practice. Yoga to me is a way of life and a method of deepening our understanding of life. I believe that a regular practice of yoga has the ability to strengthen the mind as much as the body; creating space and raising our awareness towards the point of physical liberation and enlightenment.”

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Dharma Tales was created from a place of wanting to share more about the yoga I’m passionate about; soft and feminine approaches to asana practice, yogic philosophy, meditation and the yogic lifestyle. I hope it can be a website for inspiration; inspiring your personal and spiritual growth. My intention is to spread reliable information and knowledge. I will also be sharing healthy plant-based recipes, upcoming events, guest posts from people who inspire me and more.

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