Listen up, Nature is whispering to you... By Hannah Forrester

“Today and now; the world that surrounds you is speaking to you. Before you read on, sit, close down your eyes and feel that for just one moment. Listen - this is one of the greatest tools in herbal craft and bringing health to one and all.

Just as many of us, I grew up in suburbia going to school, learning how to wake up in time for the systematic routine, how to abide to the rules and what happened if I didn’t. The grown ups went to work, to make numbers fall into a bank account and then later be spent on getting by. I also grew up admiring the flowers of my mother’s garden she loved to tend to, and shared a deep and heartfelt connection with the animals that surrounded me. The latter made my heart sing; a feeling so innate. So, I chose to listen and follow that feeling, and have been rewarded ever since.

Nature is all around us, all the time. No matter if you are deep in the forest, or deep within the CBD, Nature can be sensed and known. Being aware of the elements that are always around is a powerful way to begin. Tune into the air that is gliding over you, or the sound of rain outside. Be aware, be sensitive. It’s the connection to Nature that is most potent.

Within Nature, there are infinite plants to discover and boundless herbal remedies. So where does one begin? Especially in this world where we have not grown as naturally as Passionflower vine, nor luring even our own environments...


Begin right here and now. Connect yourself to Nature. I ask again, close down your eyes, and tune into the elements around you – of water, wind, earth and fire. Fire may not be present, but do you feel the sun or warmth? Can you smell the earth or hear the rustle of leaves? This is a basic practice of being a sensible creation of Earth- a human being, that brings us into our true, inherent power. Our senses are as vast as the tendrils that bind our body to the Earth. Do this practice daily to strengthen your tendrils.

Plants hold much wisdom. They teach us about ourselves and all that exists around us. Simply sitting with a plant, perceiving it’s features like the soft, fluffy hairs of the big mullein leaves, or the euphoric aroma of the jasmine vine. The manner it cycles and changes with the seasons - this is useful insight and potential healing power. Listen to your words of description and wonder how this could be linked. Ponder on the name of Motherwort, sit with her and see how she makes you feel. Plants don’t get their names without particular motive. There’s rhyme and reason to all existence. We are intrinsically allied.

Although conventional herbal information may offer some wonderful insight and inspiration for physical ailments, it’s scope is limited to just one facet of benefits that plants offer. This is no doubt important. However, widening one’s perception to the plant spirit realm is something else. In doing so, we clear the pathways for communication, to receive wisdom, and to listen to the language of Nature

So, turn on and tune in. Be sensible and connection shall follow. Listening is key and what eventuates will be the magic you are attuned to work with. Whether it be herbal craft, music or maths, these skills are invaluable to each and every one of us. Because at the end of the day, there’s no separation between me and Nature, nor you and Nature, because we are one of the infinite elements of Nature... so listen up.”

With love,

Hannah Forrester