Inspiring artists series: Painter, yoga teacher and muse Sally Mustang

My fascination with Sally Mustang actually began long before my I moved to Australia and found myself living in Byron, which later I was surprised to find is also the home of some of my favourite artists, photographers and musicians. I remember admiring at Sally and her partner Mitch’s beautiful artworks and stunning pictures on Instagram, and always loved reading her captions and stories. I therefore knew that when I started this series of featuring artists and their work, I would have absolutely loved Sally’s story to be a part of the series. I hope you enjoy her words, as well as the beautiful images and artwork in this little piece.

You can follow Sally on Instagram at @Sallymustang, and through her websites and


Can you tell us a about your personal background? Where are you from, where did you grow up and we’re your parents artists? Who are you, described in your own words?

I grew up in a small coastal town called Sandy beach located on the mid north coast,NSW Australia. My parents both surfed and taught me to fall in love with the world around me. I had a really strong spirit growing up and I never really followed rules or a system. I was sort of a rebel you could say, just seeking freedom in every way. 


When did you realise that creating and making art was something you absolutely had to do?
I never really worked a 9-5 job I just always had little projects here and there. When I was 20 years old I took off with my boyfriend at the time and travelled Australia in a tent for a few years. Just living off the land really and quite basic. I would eat at soup kitchens and help out at community gardens in exchange for food. I loved it because it gave me the ability to understand that money wasn’t wealth like we had been brainwashed to think and it gave me freedom to explore and get to know myself and dreams. I started getting really creative and playful with my dreams and I knew I just had to try everything this life has to offer. 

What does a day in your life look like today? 
I’m actually on a beautiful island off Thailand’s coast sitting over morning coffee gazing at the sea from the balcony writing this. These days I travel a lot for my art, for myself and to bring people together for my self love retreats.


What inspires your creativity?
Everything. Nature, relationships, emotions, questions, dreams.. everything really! 

How does yoga and physical activity influence your art? 
Yoga helps me become the best version of myself, and in that space I create from the heart.

To what extents does sex and your sex life impact your art? 
I’m very in love with pleasure and sex. It makes me happy and feel like a woman. As you can see from our sex is art stories ( ) our true story erotica has been a huge creative outlet for me and my partner Mitch. 


How important is your art to you? Do you express yourself through other forms of art? Through style and fashion?
Yeah everything I do now I’m being consciously creative. Style and fashion has a huge role in how you express yourself. Same as cooking and conversation !

I write a lot, I dance, I sing, I paint, I’m into photography and acting also. 

How would you define freedom?
Following your bliss.

Do you have a specific message or intent that you wish to communicate (through your paintings, art and your life in general) with the world? 
I just want to help people see beauty in this world. Fall in love with life and this planet.


Do you believe art can heal people and our Mama Earth?

What makes you excited about life and being alive?
Adventure to new places. Good conversations. A swim in the sea. Sun shining. A great kiss. Music up real loud.  Just to name a few :)

Quick 5:

Favourite breakfast? Smoothie bowl

Favourite sex position? On top

Best advice you’ve ever received? If I talk about destruction I see destruction, if I talk about beauty I see beauty 

Best advice you’ve ever given?  Just follow your bliss

Guilty pleasure? No guilt ha I’m trying to completely cut that emotion from my life.